Letting down happens…
in unopened-unanswered letters.
under a stormy sky when the roof’s broken.
inside “just one” chocolate for recess.

Letting down happens…
in the mistrust in a lover’s touch.
when life turns out to be what they said.
stalking you like that past that’s dead.

Letting down happens…
in the coldness of a friend’s repartee.
held in custody of words unsaid.
waking up to days, when you are all that is left.

Letting down happens…
in the ashes of bridges burnt.
disguised as stony silence in almond eyes.
after they’ve gone and you hear their lies.

Letting down happens…
in broken promises.
wrapped in presents untouched.
hidden in all things spoken; some little, some far too much.

– Sameen


  1. Emotion I chose: Disappointment
  2. This post is a part of the theme for this month on this blog—Emotions—as a lead-up to my blog’s 3rd blogoversary.

4 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. Amazing how you can put so much into a few words. Truly remarkable! I loved every single line. It’s so good I can’t even pick one line that stands out! They all reach out to me! I definitely wasn’t let down 🙂


    1. Oh thank you Aamil. 🙂

      You should read some of Robert Frost’s poetry, he’s the God of Poetry (according to me). His poem Dust of Snow is 4 (or 8 I think) lines and says SO much! He’s too good!


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