You took my flowers
And crushed them without pity
I wept alone
in the darkest part of the city.
And finally when my tears had dried
You came around and plastered
your indifference above my eye.
Today I only wish that day
I had not survived…

And when my wounds
had turned black and blue
You woke me up
and razed the hope I had mustered too.
Bound by the chains of your insecurity
I trudged my way to church
to pray for sanity.
And since I could not stand in line
Someone up there broke my spine.

Now my tears have gone
And your love I never had.
My heart is cold and
My bruises have gone bad.
The sky is now pouring my tears for me
And my battered hope is hoping
You will finally see.
You will finally have mercy
And let me die in peace…


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