From Here to There

I put a lot of limits on myself. When I spend a whole week doing activities beyond my reach and capacity, I watch myself and feel surprised. Then, I tell myself to slow down. How can I do so much? When I live unbounded for some periods, I feel that I have had enough and must... Continue Reading →

Day 4: Dreams

I read a story today written by a fellow blogger/writer. It was anonymous so I don't know who wrote it. To put it loosely, it was a story about a girl whose dream is shattered. She is contemplating the whys and hows of what happened to her. It was a simple story but the gravity... Continue Reading →

Last Seen At

On the Sion-Panvel highway, where the buses stop to let passengers board, is an expanse of road that would put the moon's surface to shame. More often than not, that stretch of pockmarks is filled with water turning it into a giant ditch. When I pass by the bus stop every morning, I experience this burning feeling... Continue Reading →

Letters in These Times

I could write to you about an ailing relationship between two countries, two friends and two lovers, and tell you how they hinge on a silk thread that is hard to see even in bright light that stuns the eyes; inspite of receiving taxes encouragement, and thoughtful gifts how the backbone is stiff from the... Continue Reading →

City of Djinns

There is more than just one relationship one can have with a book. What one takes away from a book is noteworthy and much discussed, but what one brings to a book is far less acknowledged. More often than not, one approaches a book with expectations; to be enchanted, enthralled, entertained, emancipated and even educated.... Continue Reading →

Maa Tujhe Salaam

It was just another Saturday morning and I was basking in the laziness of my self-inflicted holiday. Having not much to do and absolutely enjoying the feeling I sunk into my favourite chair at home. It took me just an edition of The Times of India-Crest edition to dish myself a good read. The Cover... Continue Reading →


Four friends sat in a reading room 5 years ago talking about how they thought the system should change and how certain things if taken care of would help in better functioning of this country. They were aware that the only way to make a start was to enter the political arena. They planned to... Continue Reading →

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