Heart in a Box

They didn't say anything about wrapping love and keeping it aside. Or if they did, she must have missed the memo. Because all she had ever known was to squander her affections on people who crossed her lives, and left souvenirs behind. She didn't collect them, of course, but they were there, reminders of what she had given away, and... Continue Reading →

Letters from the Past!

Prologue: There are 3 ways in which you can read this post; One: if you are a poetry person just read the poem that is in italics. Two: if you are a prose person, ignore the poem read the paragraphs only. Three: read the whole post at a stretch. When in calm waters my ship sails I’ll... Continue Reading →

Letter to 2009

Dear 2009, Welcome. I hope it was an enjoyable journey, your safe arrival indicates that it was. 2008 has left, taking with it its umpteen incidents, the pain it caused me and the rough times I’ve had. I’m glad that you have arrived and are staying with all of us. Though there wasn’t another choice... Continue Reading →

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