Letting Go…

Self expression has become such a task these days. Writing, a form of self-expression, has not been my greatest friend in the last couple of months; and that is not a very well kept secret. This blog, that now lies barren, I am scared will turn into nothing more than an epitaph of the person... Continue Reading →

Take Care!

The other day when I was travelling to work a thought struck me. I have to add that the only time that a thought that can strike me these days is between 7.30am to 9.00am because the rest of the day I’m too occupied by work to think of anything random. Anyway, back to the... Continue Reading →


I'm a wanderer in a highlandI'm the farthest star at nightI'm the deepest rock in the riverI'm the golden ray of sunlightI'm a pastel shade of crayonI'm the second hand of the clockI'm the blade of grass so greenI'm a moment of silence in havocI'm a dew drop on a carnationI'm a gulp of water... Continue Reading →

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