Take Care!

The other day when I was travelling to work a thought struck me. I have to add that the only time that a thought that can strike me these days is between 7.30am to 9.00am because the rest of the day I’m too occupied by work to think of anything random. Anyway, back to the point, this small voice in my head told me that every time I fall ill it’s just a strategy that my body implements to remind me to take care of it. Then I heard it clearer (as I coughed), “Take care of me,” my body told me. I wondered I do a whole range of things for a great number of people and in order to achieve many milestones but I do nothing for my body. I don’t eat healthy, I don’t exercise and I don’t even bother when I fall ill. It’s just a phase, I tell myself, and it will pass away. So that day, as an amendment, I resolved to drink 2 litres of water a day to start with. (I’m doing pretty well for myself till now.)

Time fleeted by since my ‘water drinking’ resolution started when another thought struck me. This time it told me to that “Work keeps you so tied up that you are losing touch with family.” Most of the time I cannot help it as travelling (try going to Andheri during peak hours one day) and work pressure get to me but while I can, I should make it a point to stay in touch. So that day I called home to talk to my folks.

In the mad times that we live in there is time for everything but for ourselves. There is enough to take care of but what happens when it comes to take care of ourselves? Our own bodies? Our family? Our friends? We may spend each day trying to make the client happy but what about making your family happy? We may spend great amount of effort to keep healthy work relation but what about making an effort to keep your body healthy? No time for that, right? Only because these things come with a tag that reads ‘for granted’? It does not take time to mess up what you have but it takes immense time to engender something worth having.

I now know it is really important to value all that we posses before lusting after things we wish to have. How do we expect to achieve higher goals if we do not take care of what we already possess? I’ve learnt over time that nature lets you keep only those things that are worth keeping. Be it relationships, friendships or jobs. Value what you have before nature decides you are not fit to have it and takes it away from you. All we have is today. Just today to love. Today to learn. Today to care. Today to live. And today to take care!

Take care!

3 thoughts on “Take Care!

  1. Lol Andheri 😛 😛

    Nice post 🙂

    I agree with you. I hardly talk to my folks too, just too tired. I guess we just need to push a bit harder thats all.


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