The Boggart

There is an open space at the client office which has a very high ceiling, a fish pond (rectangle more like it) on one side, and potted plants on the other. Although there is nothing particularly welcoming about this particular client, this open space is something that I absolutely love. Every time I pass by... Continue Reading →

The Burden of Idealism

It was late at night and the sector had gone to sleep. The shops were closed and the only sound that punctuated my inchoate thoughts was that of typing on my keyboard. My friend was having trouble with a software. Both of us had been up with the lark and had worked through the day... Continue Reading →

Somewhere to go to…

Long, long ago, when I didn't even know what a sanctuary meant, I decided to make a house for myself. One that would have all those things that I love and all the material things I rightly owned. It was never a juvenile dream, nor was it a childhood fantasy. It has been a solid... Continue Reading →

Picture in a Pitcher

These days, my feelings seem amplified. Everything I feel, has a distinct trough or crest to it. If I'm sad, I'm blue like the girl who dropped her lollipop. If I'm glad, I'm like the falcon in the air with the wind underneath its wings. If I'm angry, I'm the wild stallion you can't get... Continue Reading →

“all that” money and me!

It's a peculiar way in which eye-openers come darting at you. They're there even before you know it. Mine came last night, in the form of the ledger balance available in my account. After registering the shock and composing myself saying "it's okay, I'm young, I can afford to spend that kind of money once in a while", I woke... Continue Reading →

On a Potter’s Wheel!

I love how things are created. Sometimes, when I write for myself and my fingers play on the keyboard or glide with a pen across a page, I feel like a potter on a wheel giving shape to clay that was once nothing. Slowly and steadily, creating a form that once did not exist. Watching... Continue Reading →

Lounging Around

It's my second post in the "month of love" and it makes me wonder if I should be talking about love. And now, that this post has begun, I'll just digress from the first line. I just needed to break the ice between me and my dashboard's "New Post" tab. There's no intended, coherent reason for writing... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Goodbyes?

And here I sit in the middle of November with just 15 days to go and nothing planned for my 3rd blogoversary. 3rd? Oh my God! Is it really the third year of blogging? I feel like it was just yesterday we went cruising from A to Z on this very blog with so many wonderful people aboard! To be... Continue Reading →

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