I look out. I don't see. I see. I get off. I start walking. I escape. I move. I change my mind. I'm heavy. I'm ugly. I will last long enough to count.

How I was born

According to a legend, I was made from light laced inside an invisible strand of ether. And every time I touched theĀ great stars in the sky my being shone and radiated, only to sprinkle gold dust everywhere. And so were you.

P for Penchant

Our conversations start with long stares, And end with half smiles, Long walks with friends, An excuse to watch you again. Your voice, a baritone, Warm and assuring, Your denims and white tee, Your hands strong, The sinews on your arms, Your long strides which slow down, As soon as you see me. We know... Continue Reading →

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