P for Penchant

Our conversations start with long stares,
And end with half smiles,
Long walks with friends,
An excuse to watch you again.
Your voice, a baritone,
Warm and assuring,
Your denims and white tee,
Your hands strong,
The sinews on your arms,
Your long strides which slow down,
As soon as you see me.
We know not each other,
Name, place and vice,
But yet there’s something that translates,
Unnoticed by others.
For we keep promises to one another,
In a language unknown to those amidst us,
To have long walks till time consents,
And let our eyes wink and watch,
Maybe, stop and talk.
Sentient of my predisposition,
My affinity for your quirks and cologne,
My penchant for you.

– Written by Guest Writer: Maulika Hegde as a run-up to my 2nd Blogoversary.

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