Lavender Curls

I need to start this post with a question to all the writers out there: How many stories can you write at the same time? Or how many different kinds of writing can one possibly do at one phase in life? I am curious. And I am not looking for an "easy" answer here. If... Continue Reading →

Surprised much?

Recently, I was in Hyderabad. The first time in a new city is like a clean slate. What impression it casts on you is something you might take away for life. I loved how the non-intrusive city provided me with the anonymity that I was yearning for. Everywhere I went, people did not seem to... Continue Reading →

Lackadaisical Living

Segments of dun-coloured time. A casual, wayward glance. Piling up of unwritten poems. Not picking up the chance. Peeling off the calendar, just because I should. Walking down least resistance, just because I could. Insipid storytelling. Sporadic laughs at sordid events. Insincere attempts unyielding. No surprises at consequence. Driving down to the city, because it's a Monday... Continue Reading →

The Week That Was

This week, in one word, has been draining. Draining. On Monday, the auto drivers were on strike, and I was rather happy. For the sole reason that there would be no traffic on the roads and commuting would be lesser of a pain in my back. (I have a back ache problem. And I'm not... Continue Reading →

The Precious Festival that is Life!

I've been living in a city for some time now. The city I have lived in, is like any other—busy, crowded, pseudo-purposeful, full of chaos, and hurried. While no one looks at the clouds above in a city, they exist. Even though no one acknowledges the forgotten trees that abound, they stand quietly in the... Continue Reading →

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