I look out. I don't see. I see. I get off. I start walking. I escape. I move. I change my mind. I'm heavy. I'm ugly. I will last long enough to count.

All the Little Lights

I have a 10-piece Steadtler colored pens box, which when turned the right way, turns into a pen stand. It's so simple, it's God-damn genius. Just that I misplaced the pink color pen while at an event in office. I try not to think about it as the incompleteness of the box is gnawing to... Continue Reading →

#9: Reclaiming Sundays

Izmir - Istanbul *The post is titled so after the most wonderful Sunday I spent in Istanbul. May there be many more. Amen.* Although, I have 3 entries written for the last three days I spent in Istanbul, I have decided to keep them hidden inside my notebook. Here's a retrospective post instead of a... Continue Reading →

Losing My Religion

Ever since I can remember, I have had a God to go to. I have believed in Him more than I did in anything else. Somehow, that hasn't been enough. There is a constant need for me to wear my religious preferences on my sleeve. I could say I am uncomfortable doing so only that... Continue Reading →

My Own ‘ONE’ Life!

I’ll get myself platinum rings and expensive shoesA long drive with myself to beat the bluesI’ll keep my old friends safe and warmI might get up early sometimes to watch the breaking dawnI’ll learn my lessons before bed and wipe the slate cleanA little bit of pain is essential to savour joy completelyAnd this is... Continue Reading →

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