I Want to Read

Suddenly the words have drained their colours which have run down and smeared my fingertips, and stained my nails causing me to recoil every time I bite them in the anxiety of how I have lost the most precious of gifts - words. For I want to read a book, in the dead of the... Continue Reading →

One Night, and Thereafter

Yesterday, I attended a very beautiful talk at a Literature Festival. My visit to the festival made me realize what I had been sorely missing out on this year. Although I attended just one session, was hugged by a known writer, and then walked around Bandra alone on a cool winter’s night, it was reassuring... Continue Reading →


Occasionally, I sit in the darkness of the night and look outside the floor-to-ceiling window as the rest of the city houses go to sleep, one by one. In those moments of silence, I begin to untangle the fairy lights of my mind. I try. And when the last house has shut its lights, I notice... Continue Reading →

N for Nights

Of a whispering breath, A tender sigh, And silent wish upon a shooting star streaking across the velvet sky Of a loves caress Of a memory that tickles Of spontaneous thoughts that make your toes wiggle !!! Of smiles that cheer my despondent mind And laughter that awakens the sprite that hides within... Of gleaming... Continue Reading →

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