Disclaimer: Read at your own risk. I've been thoroughly irritated while writing it.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It is almost noon right now as I begin to pen this post. Just a minute to 12 P.M. Rainfall. It is extremely ironical, the month is one wherein the rain gods should be blessing us with enough water to keep the planet... Continue Reading →

Mothers. Relationships. Doing Nothing.

There are umpteen things that do not cease to amaze me! I am intrigued by various ways of life and the functioning of this planet. It may also hold true that since I am enjoying a (forced) vacation I have ample time to look around, drink in the surroundings and reflect in my leisure (which... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I wish I could enter you dreamsAnd spin a fairy tale that reality can’t see But since I know that it isn’t possible I wish someone else would do it for me. Beneath a shooting star I sit I don’t know what I should desire What I want is something I shouldn’t have So... Continue Reading →

Someone taught me the meaning of love

Someone taught me the meaning of loveSomeone taught me it wasn’t easyFor he was my shelterHe was my shieldAnd he was the greatest friendthat could ever be. Someone taught me the meaning of loveSomeone showed me it could be rightFor he made me laughAnd he dried my tearsHe was always thereEven in the dead of... Continue Reading →

Wish You Were Here

It’s all pitch dark. No stars twinkle in the night sky. I’m a wave lashing against one of the rocks lined up in front of me like an army waiting to strike. I rise. I crash. I rise again. All I want is a little company while the world is asleep. Some other waves are... Continue Reading →

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