Mothers. Relationships. Doing Nothing.

There are umpteen things that do not cease to amaze me! I am intrigued by various ways of life and the functioning of this planet. It may also hold true that since I am enjoying a (forced) vacation I have ample time to look around, drink in the surroundings and reflect in my leisure (which is almost all the time!) I’m about to paint a picture of the way I have seen events unfold. This is strictly my view and I am NOT open to debate.


Invincible. You stand guard for me.
But there’s more to you, now I see.
Now that I’m a lady, I’m beginning to understand.
More than anything you find your best friend in me.

🙂 I just smile at this phase of my life. And I have discovered that this isn’t the case only with me. Mothers are acting ‘strange’ these days (mine too, it goes without saying) Strange for us GIRLS! But it’s just a better part of life where moms are telling us girls that they don’t want us to be just their ‘daughters’ anymore. They want us to be their ‘best friends’. They want us to participate in their lives as more than just daughters. For instance, my mom wants me to help her decorate the house. my mom wants me to share her passion of embroidery as excitedly as she does. And my mom wants me to share her secrets-that of making the perfect pulao!! Initially I wasn’t receptive, in fact I still struggle to do things the way she wants(my mom is obsessed with perfection. It’s tough keeping up with her) but I’ m not giving up just yet! Recently I realised that I am not the only one- a close friend is also going through these very moments and some others are engaged with moms (rather vice-versa) in different activities. Its’ very sweet and beautiful! Just want to say, “Love you mom. And yes..I will be your best friend!”


Tomorrow morning may not come
or we might fall along the way
So love me now and love me true
‘Coz its not written love is here to stay.

It’s a complicated world. To be honest I really do not know why I even bother to observe relationships around, but I guess there are just too many to give them a miss. I’ve seen ideal relationships break apart just because the spark dies off. And I’ve seen fresh realtionships turn sour for the sole reason that they want to protect themselves from the future. Relationships as long as 5 years and perfectly planned ones fall apart. So I wonder why don’t people turn to-Loving for the moment. I do not want to preach but I want to know why should one mess up the present in planning for the future? Who know what might happen and who knows if tomorrow may even come? there is more to a relationship than just its future. And whatever might happen-LIFE GOES ON!!


Not reading nor tuning a guitar
neither writing a poem holds my fantasy
For once in all these years
I am all alone in my company…

I am an expert at ‘doing nothing’ since I’ve been at it for a month now! I’ve not read a book. I’ve not listened to the radio. I’ve not written a poem. I’ve not met friends(I’m too lazy to go out of my house) All of this for almost a month! It has been a voluntary and conscious decision. Though initially I wanted to be all by myself and ‘do nothing’ but it didn’t work out(I can’t run away from my home I surmised) It can be very relaxing at times and very frustrating at others. But it is an experience of sorts. It is possible I might never be able to do this again(I’m not betting on that though!) so I have earned myself one month of my life wherein I have enjoyed my company and not ventured ‘anywhere’ purposefully. I has been memorable and detoxifying.

And now that I have spent a month in a cave (Thank heavens caves have Gtalk these days!) I am beginning to step out of it! But I don’t think the observations will stop. And yes, maybe I will come back and write about other things too!!

P.S. 1) One of my friends thinks it is proof enough that I buy Inscence Sticks (agarbatti) from a mall to show that I am, indeed, jobless.

2) I am halfway through ‘Jeeves in the Off
ing’ by Wodehouse.

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  1. I respect the 'no debate' part. @ mothersWell put. As kids we don't understand our folks, during teenage we rebel and about now we reconcile.@ relationshipsSince you're from Mumbai, and have seen a fair share of relationships, I'm sure you would have also seen that casual or 'timepass' relationships far outnumber planned out ones. @ doing nothingIt is said that if you can be by yourself and be at peace, then you have known aatman, the divine. All that said, it is quite a luxury to do nothing, so enjoy it..!


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