Budding Stories

There's a feeling inside me which knocks and tells me that I'm going far away from stories. All in all it is true because I've hardly read a book in over 4 months now. I've started too many of them, but read none to the end. So this feeling is becoming more and more pronounced... Continue Reading →

Dilute Resolutions

This morning I was quickly going to write about how I decided to re-include reading in my schedule. I told myself - no matter if my travel is just 15 mins in the train, I shall dedicate┬áthose 15 mins┬ásolely for reading. Also, I decided to read a book written by a male author. This has... Continue Reading →

Happy Doomsday Year!

Alright! So, doomsday year is here! *wide grin* Before you start thinking I have lost my mind to the ghosts of 2011 that don't reside with us anymore, let me tell you, I know that the whole theory is crap. However, I do like the whole idea of assuming that the Mayans were right! So,... Continue Reading →

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