Happy Doomsday Year!

Alright! So, doomsday year is here! *wide grin* Before you start thinking I have lost my mind to the ghosts of 2011 that don’t reside with us anymore, let me tell you, I know that the whole theory is crap. However, I do like the whole idea of assuming that the Mayans were right! So, if one considers the possibility that the world IS coming to an end (Ah! Such fun!) there is no need to make gilded resolutions, no need to tell ourselves that we’re going to be better than last year, no need to save money (this one’s come is from a friend’s cerebrum), no need to pretend that we like our job and stick to it, no need to stay in an abusive relationship and torment yourself saying it’s going to be fine, no need to walk with the herd (‘cos I’m guessing the herd shall be going wild too), no need to do anything you don’t “want” to do. What freedom! Ain’t it?

However, we can hold the fun horses, because, (yes, you sad bozos) the world isn’t exactly coming to an end this year. The thought of which makes me a little sad. I was really hoping we could all die together. I mean, imagine living your life to the fullest this year and then having die together with “special effects”. What’s more, we can spend some fun time in the queue at St. Peter’s door. (It’s going to be a loooong queue honey!) Life would be merry, death would be exciting, and after-death would be an Indian kirana shop!

So, how do I go about living this year to the fullest? Well, for starters, I didn’t make a single resolution! Hah! (Not that I had any last year too. But it just saves me some time to do more constructive things, like ACTUALLY doing something!) So, here are the things I’ve wanted to do before I die and hopefully, I shall be doing them before December 21, 2012!


  • Read The Lord of The Rings trilogy by “The Great” J.R.R. Tolkein. (Ordered on Flipkart and they shall be processing it as you read this.) – Work in Progress (WIP)
  • Read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand – To do
  • Take a trip to someplace ALONE! – To do
  • Have a library of my own – WIP
  • Get a job I absolutely love – Check
  • Write a book of poetry – To do
  • Attend a close friend’s bachelorette party and wedding – Friend’s wedding plans WIP
  • Love someone and take that passion to the grave – Not sure whether it is under the category “Check” or “WIP” or “To do”; will need to work on this one
  • Take my family on a vacation – To do
  • Get an Apple product – Check
  • Study Literature – To do (This is where I am relying on my rationality telling me that the world isn’t coming to an end.)
  • Deep Sea Diving – To do
  • Blog regularly and make all my works into a hard-copy manuscript so that if we die, it gets buried somewhere, and if someone lives later on, they can find it during an excavation. (I swear this is one of those things I really want!)

Apart from all of this there are some things that I want to get done but I don’t want to mention it here. (This is also where my brain comes knocking saying, “The world is NOT coming to an end, you fantasizing idiot!”)

Happy 2012!!

So, here’s wishing everyone a fabulous “achieving-that-bucket-list” year! If we die, see you at the kirana shop! If we don’t…ummm…we will have time to make up for all the things we don’t manage to do this year in 2013! (Laziness thy name is optimism!)

Happy 2012 everyone! 😀

– Sameen

5 thoughts on “Happy Doomsday Year!

  1. If you are really going to die, remember this (I read it on somebody’s business card): The future belongs to the Chinese and the artists. And I’m not Chinese. 🙂


  2. Good light hearted post.

    Just a couple of things 😉

    If you are going to read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged”, which in my opinion is a terribly flawed supremely biased over-rated piece of garbage.

    Then you should try balancing that by reading another terribly flawed supremely biased over-rated piece of garbage – the opposite view – “Das Kapital” by Karl Marx.

    I totally agree that it would be so much fun to not worry about your job or your career or your weight or your bank balance or your investments or your loneliness or your relationship or anything else. I was just telling my sister the exact same thing the other day – that mebbe the world could use a world-ending rumor once in a decade. But then again, knowing how frail the bonds of human civilization are, I am guessing what would result would be absolute pandemonium and total anarchy and perhaps a complete breakdown of civility. But aah well. If its gonna end, then screw it. Lets all have whatever we like and whenever we like it! 😛


    1. 🙂 Light, yes!

      1) I hope we have enough time. 😉

      2) I agree with you. Once in five decades should be good I guess. Every decade, it will be like the girl who cried wolf.


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