Something is wrong. When I think about it rationally, I convince myself that this is all a figment of my imagination and that I am getting ahead of myself. I’m not a rational person, so when I think about it in my fundamental state - that is instinctive, I have a feeling that something is... Continue Reading →

What are the chances?

Upon a great tide, one fine day, I was given a piece of advice that I liked. "You will always need to make new friends once every five years. Not only because some of the old ones will move away, but also because there are some really wonderful people in the world." And ta-da, I... Continue Reading →

Frozen Wishes

Today, I co-facilitated a training session with someone. Since the training was about objectives and instructional design, everyone was asked to state one goal they were pursuing in a finite amount of time. Someone wanted to take a vacation, someone else wanted to lose weight, someone wanted to save, someone wanted to go scuba diving,... Continue Reading →

Making it Plain

I have returned home from a buffet dinner. It was a peaceful, full meal - nothing extraordinary to write home about. However, as I made my way back, I vowed not to do this again for a long time. I don't want to go for dinners or lunches, outside. I just don't feel up to... Continue Reading →


It has been an absolutely awful day. Nothing could salvage it - not a walk near a fountain, not the butterscotch ice cream, and not even french fries. In the larger scheme of things, I know that it won't matter and this day will be inconsequential. That I didn't pick up the threads and tie... Continue Reading →


There is something heart-warming about a letter in the mail. No, not those kinds that deflect their cowardice on you for some sort of self-importance. (Yes, you. I’m talking to you. You’re on my blog. Happy much?) Going back to the part about the letter in the mail. I use email quite a bit, and... Continue Reading →

Scattering Wishes

Today, I called a friend to wish him for his birthday. I like instinctive conversations, as I am sure we all do. A part of the conversation went like this: Me: Are you in Delhi or Hyderabad now? Him: Delhi. I came over for the weekend. But I'm planning to come back for good man.... Continue Reading →


Marine Drive is 2.9 units* away from VT station. (Yes, VT. Let's just focus on what's more important.) So, VT station, the confluence of local railway tracks that ply tens of thousands of people every single day. Now that I think about it, I wonder that if a structure could house your thoughts as soon... Continue Reading →

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