Earlier this week, I found myself completely unstitched, and then sewed up back again by the end of it. While trying to keep up, I thought of Kintsugi and what it would mean to glue our broken souls with liquid gold. If we could see souls, all of us would be walking skies with glowing... Continue Reading →

Frozen Wishes

Today, I co-facilitated a training session with someone. Since the training was about objectives and instructional design, everyone was asked to state one goal they were pursuing in a finite amount of time. Someone wanted to take a vacation, someone else wanted to lose weight, someone wanted to save, someone wanted to go scuba diving,... Continue Reading →

Inducing Paranoia, and Consequences

I have sufficiently worried myself, and panicked myself to the edge of the grave after the health scare last week. That I haven't died is because of the patient Bookhads (and some scolding from Ut k), N, Boy, and yes, my mother. Everyone else, apart from me, is convinced that there's nothing wrong with me,... Continue Reading →

Tall Wishes

At the end of that day as my inner chaos escaped me only to melt into the distance where green trees were now turning black, I thought of what I would say to him that wouldn't sound too demanding. In those moments, as I waited for the car to come around, I looked at the... Continue Reading →

The Plan

So far, this year has been grand. I got out of jail, fell in love again, and planted daisies in my backyard. No, seriously. After the post about forecasting, I have been working on what the future should look like and so far I have managed to come up with a sketch that may be... Continue Reading →


I'm not sure when all of this became such a burden. Most people say that your heart knows where you need to go, where you need to be and with who you need to be. But what if your heart doesn't talk to you anymore? I get into a local train and feel suffocated more... Continue Reading →

On a Potter’s Wheel!

I love how things are created. Sometimes, when I write for myself and my fingers play on the keyboard or glide with a pen across a page, I feel like a potter on a wheel giving shape to clay that was once nothing. Slowly and steadily, creating a form that once did not exist. Watching... Continue Reading →

A Red Balloon!

Disclaimer: An account of a "red balloon" day that I had yesterday! Sometimes, some ordinary days turn out to be like a red balloon amongst a room full of white ones—they stand out. There’s nothing really exceptional about a red balloon compared to a gang of white ones. They’re all just…well…balloons. However, a little colour... Continue Reading →

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