On a Potter’s Wheel!

I love how things are created. Sometimes, when I write for myself and my fingers play on the keyboard or glide with a pen across a page, I feel like a potter on a wheel giving shape to clay that was once nothing. Slowly and steadily, creating a form that once did not exist. Watching a form take shape and grow in front of my eyes, it fills me with a satisfied feeling inside. When I feel like “really” writing something, I imagine I’m on a potter’s wheel and I feel like words are clay in my hands. When I begin writing, I feel the soft smoothness of words flow into my being from my hands and I take care to ensure my hands give them they shape my heart wants to see. I sincerely watch myself think and write at such times. And when I am done, I feel a contended glow emanating from my heart. It’s like I was an earthen pitcher and I poured myself out in a field and the water in me became one with the universe. I love watching beautiful things grow. Incidentally, I am not sure why, I think that is how our parents feel when they watch us grow as well.

I love watching beautiful things grow. Sometimes, with a little scratch here and there, and lots of affirmation in the goodness of life.  An example would be this very now-site, once-blog. I look at it in some stolen moments of my life and feel a happy, crackling warmth that it has grown so much. From strength to strength overcoming one weakness from another. Each phase of it has stories of the life I made for myself. I’ve loved watching this space grow. It’s been a delightful journey.

Before I begin populating this space with more stories from my life, here’s to amarllyis for being my story-book!

Impressions in clay, expressions in ink,
Of yellow sundry days and silver stars that blinked,
Pictures in words of my grand life in a thumbnail,
When I will be long gone, amarllyis will be my fairy tale!

Hope I can create some stellar writing this year!

– Sameen

2 thoughts on “On a Potter’s Wheel!

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  1. You inspire me. You really do.
    I wish you the very best for this year and hope you keep receiving beautiful energies from nature in the form of inspirations.


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