Analysis For My Confused Self!

Sometimes I do wonder how difficult life could get. I do wonder that life is complicated at times. And certain things that seemed simple to me a few years ago seem so very complicated now. Things like family, friendship, love, success, failure, religion and even death. All of them seemed like a part of this... Continue Reading →


“Don’t go to play there you might fall.”Guided my elders when I was very small“We understand what you don’t”The big ones always saidI followed them sincerelyAs I thought they had a head. “Never interfere when 2 adults talk.”I watched them in awe and wonderedWhen would I grow that tall?To be included in discussionsAnd understand things... Continue Reading →


I’ve always loved flowers of different colours. I’ve always loved crayons of all possible shades. And I’ve always loved to see a rainbow in the sky. I know there are many more colours than just red, blue, green, yellow, black and white. Somehow I’ve never liked grey very much but it’s ok, once in a... Continue Reading →


UMBRA I saw the setting sun and wept for the fading light. Through my tears I concealed the view of stars in twilight. I fought with God in naivety while He was painting the hue I was occupied with my ire to witness how gold turned into deep blue. Once the darkness had settled there... Continue Reading →

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