As the name suggests this is Part-2. Starts from 50 upto 26. Reasons for writing remain the same as Part-1

50. I’m on an eating spree for 3 days now. My friend Siddhesh is trying to lose weight and I’m trying to gain weight. We are each others’ inspiration hehe.

49. I know for a fact that 2 people can write one poem together simultaneously. I’ve written one with a friend. It is an experience of sorts so I guess everyone should try it once.

48. I like feminine clothes like skirts and dresses and I believe that all Indian girls should wear them more often.

47. I can cook a decent meal if I want to. I know enough cooking to prepare different dishes for an entire week. (It’s been this way for 4 years now as I have not taken an initiative to learn something new.)

46. Apart from my lovely little sister I’m my worst critic. According to me I’ve never got anything right.

45. This doesn’t mean I’m a pessimist. I’m pretty optimistic. I have a lot of hope. My optimism comes from hope. And hope from my belief that God is sitting up there watching us.

44. I don’t cry easily. But I think that crying is very good for our emotional health.

43. I think Dumbledore rocks.

42. I don’t remember when the last time I bought a pencil pouch was. I make pencil pouches for myself using left over cloth. The one I own right now is purple in colour with pink buttons and embroidery on it. Engendered out of my own hard work!

41. Recently I drank almost 500ml of coffee with my friend Moshni. We ordered ‘medium’ cups at a coffee shop but what arrived to our table was anything but medium! So in all 1 litre coffee went down our throats over a long evening chat.

40. I have learnt that all of us change each day it’s just that we are too busy to notice the change in ourselves.

39. I’m really disappointed that Delhi-6 has received such a lukewarm response. I expected a lot from ROPM.

38. I like the lyrics of most rock songs. I like them because they are abstract, deep and beautiful all at the same time.

37. Right now I’m wondering why I bothered to start writing this list at all.

36. I believe in the concept of heaven and hell though I don’t believe that everything is black or white.

35. I really like Rafael Nadal. But somehow I wish
he could stay at No.2 position always. I’m kind of scared by the No.1 position in any sphere of life. No.2 is safe.

34. Though I’d like to go white water-rafting and underwater diving I’m scared of going bunjee-jumping.

33. I miss reading Goosebumps, The Famous Five, William, Nancy Drew and other such kiddie stuff. I can read them now but then the magic has been diluted with age.

32. I also miss watching Tom and Jerry, Aladdin, Duck Tales, Gummi Bears, Tales Spin, Little Mermaid so on and so forth. I can watch them now too but then again the same reason holds good here too.

31. I had an amazing dream in which I was duelling with a fat lady just the way Dumbledore does. There was so much of colour in the dream that we were actually enjoying the sparks and the fireworks multiplying with each spell. (Those who have read Harry Potter will know exactly what I’m talking about!)

30. Its terrible when close friends fight. Nature should make sure that things like those don’t happen.

29. Everyone should try writing this list.

28. I think people do have certain basic traits of the sun signs under which they are born.

27. I want to ride a cycle it’s been ages since I have been on one. All these things have been left behind in the hurry to grow up!

26. I guess this list is better than the previous one.

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