“Don’t go to play there you might fall.”
Guided my elders when I was very small
“We understand what you don’t”
The big ones always said
I followed them sincerely
As I thought they had a head.

“Never interfere when 2 adults talk.”
I watched them in awe and wondered
When would I grow that tall?
To be included in discussions
And understand things they do
I always waited for time to come
When I’d learn what they knew.

Now that I’m tall
I’m beginning to understand
All the adults have created a queer land
They can’t see beyond their egos and pride
They can’t solve their problems,
hence from the children they hide.
They tell the tots they know it all
But when it is required they cannot,
pick each other when they fall.

When small kids play they may
quarrel over the swing
But when the break is over
and when the bell rings
The fight is forgotten
and left behind them…
For it is time to learn the stories
of ‘The Big Fat Hen’
Imagine if the adults want the same chair
They will fill their hearts with anger
And pull each others’ hair.

Who said that adults know how
to put things right?
Who said that adults could
bring peace after a fight?
Who said that adults could
solve problems on the shelf?
After all they are the ones
Who created the problems themselves!!


P.S. This poem is dedicated to Saad and Ashish for the prank they played on me. And for all the smiles afterwards. 🙂

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