I’ve always loved flowers of different colours. I’ve always loved crayons of all possible shades. And I’ve always loved to see a rainbow in the sky. I know there are many more colours than just red, blue, green, yellow, black and white. Somehow I’ve never liked grey very much but it’s ok, once in a while, to have a grey T-shirt. I like the colours of life too. And especially when life isn’t grey.

I like life when it is:

Pink: When a baby girl is born in the family.

Blue: When a baby boy is born in the family.

White: When there is peace in the country.

Red: When there are two lovers in the park.

Yellow: When a person gives another a cheerful smile.

Green: When a sapling is planted by the gardener.

Black: When it signifies the peaceful protest band.

Gold: When the sun is high in the sky after a stormy night.

Silver: When the moon smiles at night and I smile when I look at it.

Burgundy: When friends meet after a long time.

Crimson: When a girl becomes a bride.

Ultramarine: When u sleep in the dead of the night with a smile on your face.

Nutria: When you don’t know what to say when your friend is crying.

Sepia: When you look at someone special and go down memory lane.

Mauve: When your grandparents are still smiling.

Flamingo: When you embark on a passionate journey.

Emerald: When you realise that your friendship is as precious as the gem itself.

Nutmeg: When you are with your family on a Sunday afternoon.

Aubergine: When there is darkness and yet you have hope.

Gentian: When you tell a child a fairy tale at night.

Ebony: When your sibling is hurt and you desperately want to put things right for them.

Mahogany: When you feel older than you are and you’re glad about it.

Magenta: When you listen to a favourite old song.

Titian: When you are in the midst of a loved ones wedding.

Amber: When you can pick up with people close to you from where you left.

Subfusc: When you can’t see clearly, when you can’t think right.

Amaranth: When you believe in fairies and in prayers.

Sable: When loved ones die.

To me, life is all these colours and probably more…after all it is what you make it to be. Life isn’t grey always.

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