PART 1: Reality

The seconds hand still ticks away
And I never wanted it to be this way
I’m picking myself up and I do just fine
As long as I keep you out of my mind
But some things don’t change
And I’m still the same old fool
If I don’t learn that it is my fault
And someone’s got to change the rules
So I try to begin in a new time
But as I walk I fall behind in line
It’s my mistake I try to wait for you
It’s my folly I keep you alive
It’s all my fault I wish you would care
It’s my stupidity, your attention I desire.

PART 2: Futile expectations

I watch the waves return
And I wonder isn’t it your turn?
To deliver all the promises you made
And give me all the time I deserve
But all in vain my heart does cry
I tell myself to give it up and I certainly do try
It is all merry until I keep you out
But just when I expect you to
Hold my hand; there is no doubt
It is my mistake I can’t see the truth
It is my folly I believe in shooting stars
It’s all my fault that I hold on to you
It is my stupidity I mix my present with my past

PART 3: Reflections in time

Sometime the music does come to an end
And all the audience has to leave
I can’t sit in the theatre and wait for a re-run
Again it would my folly be
The music is over, the song has died
My heart is empty, my eyes have cried
Now that the music is over
I’m going to sing my new tune
And tell myself time waits for no one
So I better move on soon…

PART4: Realisation dawns

You never cared and never will
So I’m gong to burst the bubble
You never intended to keep your promise
So I know you won’t take the trouble
You never ever felt ‘that way’
So who am I even kidding?
For you it was all just in a whim
So I got to stop doing your bidding
I don’t want it to be my mistake
I don’t want it to be my fault
I want to free myself of the burden
So this is goodbye after all.


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