It has been an absolutely awful day. Nothing could salvage it - not a walk near a fountain, not the butterscotch ice cream, and not even french fries. In the larger scheme of things, I know that it won't matter and this day will be inconsequential. That I didn't pick up the threads and tie... Continue Reading →

The Poor Man and your House.

The other day I was rushing to catch my bus (as usual) to work. While I tidied my just-washed hair, I saw a poor old man trying to drink water from a tap that was on the other side of an iron grill that stood guard to a huge government owned building. The old man... Continue Reading →

Analysis For My Confused Self!

Sometimes I do wonder how difficult life could get. I do wonder that life is complicated at times. And certain things that seemed simple to me a few years ago seem so very complicated now. Things like family, friendship, love, success, failure, religion and even death. All of them seemed like a part of this... Continue Reading →


PART 1: Reality The seconds hand still ticks awayAnd I never wanted it to be this wayI’m picking myself up and I do just fineAs long as I keep you out of my mindBut some things don’t changeAnd I’m still the same old foolIf I don’t learn that it is my faultAnd someone’s got to... Continue Reading →

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