The journey has finally come to an end. The ICE paper was good and I did not get buried under it. 😛 I’ve been itching to write this post for 3 days. But I had to wait for the exams to get over.I’m not in the mood for reflection or anything but it’s the end of a journey and hopefully it will be the beginning of something much more exciting. (Something tells me it’s gonna be a great time!!)We do receive and give certain things when we are with a bunch of people for very long. It’s just like going for a trip, getting back souvenirs and leaving behind a part of you.I’m not going to start with the ‘HITS’ as I guess the best things should be saved for the end. The dessert always comes at the end of the meal.


It could have been a better 4 years on the whole. It could have been loads better!!

I studied less for my Maths-V paper and got kicked. It still haunts me. (It worked out fine in the end but the agony remains.)

I have to mention this (no offence to anyone, I promise) I can’t believe we actually made such a RUBBISH final presentation in the 5th Sem. We were the best team that there could be!

I should have worked harder in every Sem.

I should have gone for the Goa trip. I had a ‘stupid theory’ which stopped me from going!

I should have used by brain in ‘some cases’. (I cannot be too explicit! Those who know what I’m talking about will understand what they should!)

Our girls Football team should have qualified for the finals in the 7th SEM. We were good man!

Damn the entire ‘harmful microbial world’ that kept me ill for almost an entire year, from the 3rd SEM to 5th SEM!!! (I lost so much weight you bloody viruses! :-@)

I should have taken more vacations.

(Well, that’s all I can think of. Not too bad, I say.)


I learnt a lot of things during these 4 years…

I should not repeat my mistakes.

I know approximately 12 Tamil words.

Once people have left your left your life, do not take them back.

I learnt how to make a Maggi in many ways.

I learnt that SMS is really helpful.

I also know that an entire relationship (of any kind) can survive and die over SMS.

I know that friendships are not always unconditional.

If you can survive ‘Mumbai University Engineering’ you can do anything!

Time flies away if you let it!

Preparation Leaves can be really entertaining!

Chips are really harmful! They are!


I made good friends. I’m glad I met them.

I’m going to miss Sandeep for all the crazy things, including the stupidest jokes that we could crack during the PLs and for letting me trouble him as much as I want. It’s been 4 ‘complete’ years of knowing him and an absolute joyride.

I’m going to miss Saad and Ashish and all the classes we ever went to. I’m going to miss the kebabs during the Yogesh Prabhu lecture! The constant dissection and laughing over our engg lives!

And… Dandwate (Oh! How can I forget her? LOL)

(I’m sure we can still have our ‘Chips Date’. I guess I won’t miss that.)

The Yearbook. Thanks Alok. Really.Thank you for letting me in on the job with you! Thanks Abhishek and Jubin too.

I’m going to miss Kavita for all her innocence.

I’m going to miss Siddhesh for all the discussions, ice candies, the fitness program and yes, the ‘Cows and Bulls’.

I’m going to miss Jubin for all that he is and all that he can be!

Thanks to Rashmi, Renu and Sneha for all that they are! MUAH! Also, to Ashish S and Karthik. (Minus the MUAH! Hehe)

Traditional Day 2009.

GMRT Trip, 2008.

Sandhya and Moshni, thanks for the rocking vacations. Love you guys. Muah!

Sumedh, Thanks for making the dull afternoons interesting.

Hmm..The ‘HITS’ list is getting too sweet! I think that’s all. If there was anything worth putting in this list it is all here. If it’s not here then- Damn my poor memory!

It’s the end. (Pun Unintended!)



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