Spaces between my fingers

Thoughts that cloud my mind
My dark brown eyes and my pictureframe
Feel so lonely tonight.
Is it the rotation of the Earth,
or the ways of the Gods
I should blame?
Or is it just the feeling inside me
that I cannot seem to name?
Must I own up every word
that my journal does encompass?
Or must I let time be the one
to help this moment pass?
Before I put those leaves to flames.
Before I tell myself it is all fine
I question the elements
I plead to the Universe
To let me go back in time.
So that I can fill those spaces
and get a new picture for my pictureframe
And I can tell the burning planet
I don’t want to be part of the game.
It can take back the dice
I’ll return the rulebook too
And I’ll make my own land
that has place for me and you.
I’m not sympathetic to the rituals
and neither to the little flowers
that create the illusion of good things
and adorn so-called beautiful hours.
I’m waking up to reality
and the bitch that life can be
I put down my arms and concede defeat
The ways of this world are not for me.

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