Why can’t I just run away and not even
worry about having to say goodbye?

Why don’t fairy tales really exist
and dispel the fact that we are living a lie?

Why do women have to be chained and
hidden behind a veil?

Why is it not possible to shut out the past
so we look back to find no trail?

Why do we have to pay a heavy price
even for one single mistake?

Why can’t I eat it too
and also have my cake?

Why does the weather seem to act
in a manner of defiance?

Why does the system make studying literature
seem like a crime in front of science?

Why can’t I get up and live
someone else’s life for a day?

Why do I feel that sometimes life itself
gets in my own life’s way?

Why do we believe in God
inspite of never having seen Him at all?

Why can’t worries fly away
like leaves from trees during fall?

Why can’t I find a song that I
can listen to all day long?

Why does the world have to slot
everything into right and wrong?

Why can’t I be a normal person
and have my own mood swings?

Why couldn’t someone up there
give us a proper summer,winter,monsoon and spring?

Why does time not give us
warning signals, stop signals and green signals too?

Why do I have to be the one

to always understand you?

Why can’t the world untangle on its own
and become bearable by itself?

Why do we have to wait for utter destruction
to solve the problems on the shelf?

Why do people have to grow up
and mess up the simplest of things?

Why is it so tough for me
to buy myself platinum and diamond rings?

Why could Eve just not listen to God
and save us this terrible ordeal?

Why can’t I differentiate between
pain, sarcasm, indifference and the surreal?

Why do diaries prove to be a source
of pain and comfort too?

Why don’t we have encyclopedias to
look up whether what we feel is true?

Why is change difficult to deal with
and monotony a boring concept?

Why should I always be the one
to compromise and silently accept?

Why couldn’t life be easier
and written words change things in a better way?

Why can’t I just erase today
and wake up to another better day?

P.S.1) Anyone who has answers to any of the questions
above feel free to let me know!

4 thoughts on “WHY?

  1. Just like all the other questions I don't know the answer to your question too…But lets say what if they want to see you smile only and that's why you should smile only for them…no tears and all that!!!


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