Maa Tujhe Salaam

It was just another Saturday morning and I was basking in the laziness of my self-inflicted holiday. Having not much to do and absolutely enjoying the feeling I sunk into my favourite chair at home. It took me just an edition of The Times of India-Crest edition to dish myself a good read. The Cover... Continue Reading →

TIME-The way we captured it!

"...And in the darkest nightIf my memory serves me rightI'll never turn back timeforgetting you but not the time" -Whatsername 'Green Day' Billy Joe Armstrong once sang these beautiful lines and painted a sullen but beautiful picture. TIME! For me, TIME is someone that wears innumerable garbs. It sheds its make-up at will to expose... Continue Reading →

Damage In the Pipeline

There is water cut in my society which will last for 15 days now. You may ask what the big deal about that is. Well I didn’t think it was a big deal too when I first heard about it. Until I read the notice board near the elevator of my building. It states that... Continue Reading →

The Fountainhead

Gail Wynand: “what have you been thinking these past weeks?”Howard Roark: “The principle behind which the Dean who fired me from Stanton.”“What principle?” “The thing that is destroying thins world. Actual selflessness.” “The ideal which they say does not exist?” “They are wrong. It does exist-though not in a way which they imagine. It’s what... Continue Reading →

A Moment of Truth

Einstein’s Theory of relativity has a consequence namely the Relativity of Simultaniety which states that “Two events, simultaneous for some observer, may not be simultaneous for another observer if the observers are in relative motion.” Now I’ll just simplify this theory according to my comprehension. I understand that all of us in life are in... Continue Reading →

Mothers. Relationships. Doing Nothing.

There are umpteen things that do not cease to amaze me! I am intrigued by various ways of life and the functioning of this planet. It may also hold true that since I am enjoying a (forced) vacation I have ample time to look around, drink in the surroundings and reflect in my leisure (which... Continue Reading →


Eve: Adam, do u love me?Adam: Who else? And hence, began a long story, one that continues till date. I have not checked the facts to find out how long ago those statements could have been said. But I’m sure it was eons ago. History recounts that Eve came into existence from Adam’s rib (and... Continue Reading →

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