Sameen-The Fallen but Unbeatable Warrior!

Date: 22 June

Day: Monday

Time: Some minutes past 9am.

It was just another Monday and taking into consideration that I am on a vacation it was a better Monday for me than most others. Trying to figure out what my dream meant I got up from my bed, as lazy as it is allowed to be on vacations when you know that the day will be spent only in trying to engender better means of killing time. As I walked into my bathroom with my toothbrush in my mouth, cupid decided to strike gravity with immense love for me and due to the attraction (read: gravitational attraction) I fell in my bathroom. I picked myself up and shook sleep off my eyes and told myself maybe I got off the wrong side of my bed. (On second thoughts, my bed has only one side to get off from, if I try getting off the other side I will ram into the wall!!) At the end of this encounter I had a bleeding toe and a hard hit on the Tibia of my left leg. (That portion is swollen now and still hurts!)

I told myself the rest of the day was going to be better after all! Just because I start my day on a bad note does not mean it’s going to be a disaster all the way back to the bed!

My spirits have been up for 2 days now. And the weather is doing all that it can to keep them high up there! The onset of my love affair with the ‘changed’ weather (for the better) keeps me in a good mood for major parts of the day (Only when I’m not being attacked by bouts of boredom!) The entire loveliness of the pleasant weather made me want to go out on a ride and enjoy the breeze up-close! I expressed my wish to a close friend and he willingly obliged. And so, I went out in the evening, for a ride on a bike and with the innate desire to feast on bhutta. What could be more perfect I asked myself? (I got the answer to my question a few hours later!)

So off we went on the bike, enjoying the breeze and catching up on all that we had done ever since college had come to a close. It was just too perfect. The air smelled of oncoming rain, the sky was overcast with black clouds at a distance, the wind through my hair and greenery for my eyes to feast on! I even got my desire fulfilled, I ate a lip-smacking bhutta which I roasted over the coal myself as the vendor allowed me to do so! (Actually he was too busy attending to older customers.) Nonetheless, after having a great ride, an awesome bhutta and a juice, what else could I ask for to make it a great evening? Well, the answer had just arrived. We had reached the under-construction golf course in Kharghar and there were mounds of fine earth waiting there to be worked on. The sky was clear and the mountains were the wallpaper of this perfect scene. And the sun was about to set. I climbed on top of a mud mound and so did he; we intended to capture some pictures of this magnificent scene before us. As soon as we were done he asked me if I could jump off the mound. I said, “Yes” and before he could say anything I was up in the air and then smack on the ground, flat on my face. It was hardly a mound of 4 feet of mud, mind you and I fell only and only because I slipped over the wet mud there and also because I forgot that gravity had fallen in love with me that morning. The force of attraction was still in effect. Alas! It was just the ground, why not some human hunk, I ask myself? My friend picked me up and I dusted myself off with bruised palms. My palms were bleeding and my phone, that was in my front pocket got scratched. (My heart bleeds when I see my phone even now!) After the niceties were observed by my friend he had a good laugh and justifiably so. Who wouldn’t laugh? I was flummoxed. Gosh, what just happened, I asked myself? (I ask myself too many questions I guess.) And after he bought me band aid, helped me wash my hands and bought me another juice we left for home. On my way back I couldn’t help but laugh at myself too. It was hilarious and a perfect ending to a perfect evening. I felt like a small child all evening and just like small children do, I fell and bruised my palms and came back home only to tell my mom I had hurt myself, again!

Today I feel like I revisited childhood (for 5 minutes maybe) when I fell. I like my bruised palms. It makes me feel like childhood was so much fun. It makes me smile I went back to basics for a day. It makes me ask myself another question, When was the last time I fell like that? I do not remember! Do you?

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  1. Yes all the time, especially when i used to run (i was a sprinter) 🙂 my mom was quite amused when i came home with the was pretty cool for her i think!


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