Sprinkled Sentiments #16

400. I have to admit it somewhere, so it might as well be here. I read a major chunk of Refusing Heaven and I didn't understand a major chunk of it. What I know from this experience is that I still have learning to do. And that makes me happy. For isn't it wonderful to... Continue Reading →

The Long Road

The other day I was at a Nikah among people I had only heard about but not met. In a conversation I was having, a woman used the word 'travesty'. And I was taken aback, but then made a mental note that it was such a beautiful day to get married. One of my friends... Continue Reading →

Five Songs on my Playlist

Not intended to add to the overflowing lists on the Internet, but well, this is a list. The thing about reading and music, as I have realised recently, is that re-discovering them is a whole new kind of elation. Which goes to say, I am elated. So, here's my (short) list of songs that I... Continue Reading →

A World Without Borders

Sometimes, I wish I could live in a world without borders; any kind of borders. I wish I could rise above my anger and not allow it to overpower my sanity. I wish that I could forgive without someone inside me asking me to; and then forget. I wish that I could let go of... Continue Reading →

A Capella

Of late, I have been listening to a new form of music that I got introduced to by a colleague. 🙂 It's one of those things that can be called pure genius and makes me marvel at how brilliant man is! Here are a few of those songs I really enjoy. Listen in, and see if you... Continue Reading →

‘Love’ly Songs

I once wrote a poem that had the opening line, "I want to be the song that touches your lips each day..." That poem is my favourite romantic poem that I have written till date. In my opinion, poems and songs capture romance like nothing else does. Both can make one smile as well as... Continue Reading →

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