TIME-The way we captured it!

“…And in the darkest night

If my memory serves me right
I’ll never turn back time
forgetting you but not the time”
‘Green Day’

Billy Joe Armstrong once sang these beautiful lines and painted a sullen but beautiful picture.

TIME! For me, TIME is someone that wears innumerable garbs. It sheds its make-up at will to expose a new face and thus, a new phase! With every unveiling (of its garb) we go through a lot of experiences and feel a gamut of emotions. In spite of this constant disrobing of TIME, I believe that we can capture an eternity in small moments. I’ve always held this notion and now i’m sure that whatever may happen, we can hold TIME in our hands. Though it is for a short span but we can do it.
Think about:
– the first best friend you made in Kindergarten
– the first time you scraped your knees
– the first time you won a race on Sport’s day
– the first time you rode a bicycle
– the first time you ran to your parents with your prize on Annual Day
– the first time you acted in a concert at school
– the time you cried after your fist heartbreak
– the time you smoked a cigarette stealthily with your buddy
– the time you finally made a rock-solid friend
– the time you aced a test after working really hard
– the time you fought with your friend over a guy and later laughed about it
– the time you ‘head-banged’ to your first favourite rock-song
– the time you had that kiss you will never forget
– the time you and your buddies went out for a late-night drive
– the time your gal-pal hugged you as you couldn’t stop crying
– the time the girl you had been crushing on for really long smiled at you
– the time your Mom said “Thank You Dear”
– the time your Dad said, “I’m proud of you”
– the time your guy called just to say he loves you
– the time you felt proud of yourself for achieving something
– the time you almost got ‘royally screwed’ but wriggled out of it
– the time you finally got the hug you wanted for so long
– the time you cried out of happiness in your heart…

These moments have gone and TIME may thin he has cheated on us by changing his garb but little does he know we captured him in small moments. And we have done it in such a way that even he won’t be able to take these moments away from us! 🙂


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