Figments of our Imagination.

It is really remarkable how we live with some myths that need no un-masking. It extremely funny how we sometimes do not see thing for what they are and for what we are told they appear to be. Self-thinking is something we were never taught and I am assuming the coming generations will never be told that such a concept can be allowed to exist if they choose to harbour it. We are caught in a gamut of notions that would irk hell if they be questioned and therefore we live on and on without question or change for we believe general assumptions to be true without ever pondering! I have learnt a few things that may or may not be true from your point of view but after much deliberation I ‘assume’ them to be right.

There is no such thing as a bad memory. If you hear, “Oh! I forgot.” Then you should actually hear, “Oh! I don’t care.” According to general claim there is something called as a ‘bad’ memory and a ‘good’ memory but in my opinion it is all humbug. And I may add that I am not talking about learning by rote in schools. I’m talking about day-today functioning of adults. Good memory translates into ‘enough care’ and bad memory translates into ‘no care’. Simply put those people who care enough about society, their work, friends and family tend to remember most things well enough to respond to them as and when required. I say ‘most things’ because we are after all humans, fatigue and worry can cause us to slip a detail. Now this kind of segregation is very relative. Person X may have a ‘good memory’ as seen by Person Y but may have a ‘bad memory’ as seen by Person Z. I guess you are smart enough o decipher whom Person X cares for more than the other!

There is no such thing as ‘No Anger’. At the outset I admit too much of anger signifies as a terrible thing to have but complete absence of it is, in my opinion, termed as indifferent. Anger is a valid human emotion last time I checked, but then, again as human we misuse everything provided to us! Anyway, Picture this: Your society is in shambles. There is no progress and goodwill. You are not angry at this situation then you are indifferent. If your best friend is doing something he/she should not (Take smoking, for example) and you are not angry at them then you are indifferent (and also a lousy friend!). I’ve read somewhere that anger is pain and hurt disguised. So the next time someone tells you that you could do as you please and they won’t get angry bear it in mind that these maybe signs of indifference as it is beginning to set.

There is no such thing as “I don’t have the time!” For the last time, when someone tells you they don’t have the time you should hear it as “I don’t want to do it!” I sincerely feel that if you want to do something, you will find the time to do it even if Dooms Day is knocking at the door. This is one of the lamest excuses in my opinion. Why don’t we just say we don’t have the time? So that the other person does not feel bad? This statement has resulted in a cycle that will never break. But I know one thing for sure the next time someone dos not have time to take me out for ice cream I’ll know what that means!!


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