Are you listening?

Recently I read a very inspiring story that I would like to share. This story also starts where all other immortal stories do. It starts with ‘Once upon a time…’ “Once upon a time there was a frog that got trapped at the bottom of a well. He wanted to get out of it and... Continue Reading →

It’s complicated!

When you are younger, you would never even imagine how entangled life can be. At least, when I was younger I never even gave it as much as a thought. I was always of the opinion that, life is simple. A small part of me still holds that opinion, while the larger part of me... Continue Reading →

We humans!

For a while now I’ve been in the midst of a flurry of events happening at breathtaking speed. I’m living life in the fast lane if I may say so myself. In all this while I’ve made some observations about human psychology. Though I’m not a certified expert at this subject, observation teaches me a... Continue Reading →

Figments of our Imagination.

It is really remarkable how we live with some myths that need no un-masking. It extremely funny how we sometimes do not see thing for what they are and for what we are told they appear to be. Self-thinking is something we were never taught and I am assuming the coming generations will never be... Continue Reading →

Uncomfortable Silence!

Communication these days is limited to 140 and 160 characters. I’m obviously talking about Twitter and SMS respectively. Earlier I thought that maybe our grasping levels had dipped due to which we needed to resort to just an average of 150 characters but I have to do some re-thinking now. I follow Barkha Dutt and... Continue Reading →


Disclaimer: Read at your own risk. I've been thoroughly irritated while writing it.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------It is almost noon right now as I begin to pen this post. Just a minute to 12 P.M. Rainfall. It is extremely ironical, the month is one wherein the rain gods should be blessing us with enough water to keep the planet... Continue Reading →


Eve: Adam, do u love me?Adam: Who else? And hence, began a long story, one that continues till date. I have not checked the facts to find out how long ago those statements could have been said. But I’m sure it was eons ago. History recounts that Eve came into existence from Adam’s rib (and... Continue Reading →


"Taliban closer to Wagah than Goa to Mumbai""Israel kills 40 in Gaza school""Blood enemies Georgia, South Ossetia abduct each others' citizens to settle scores"THE TIMES OF INDIAExactly what all of us need. More atrocities, more bloodshed, more deaths. I'm ashamed. I wonder if God is. This is what He created. I bet He must be... Continue Reading →

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