Dreams for Sale

The golden sun dipped into the sea,
leaving behind red and purple hues in the sky.
And I walked down that behind road,
with some more unfulfilled dreams to hide.

I put away a few more of them,
and they behaved like thieves in hiding.
Their numbers grew as the darkness did,
their unrest told me they had been fighting.

Every morning I picked them up again,
and down that beaten road I went.
Hoping you would fulfill at least one of them,
so that my dreams would once again be my friends.

I waited until the happy sun,
turned scorching and then toned down.
I earnestly pleaded for you to see,
but you wouldn’t make a sound.

It went on and on this way until,
one day I did not go back home.
I wiped my final tears goodbye,
and left those unfulfilled dreams alone.

Now, I don’t cry grey tears at sunset,
nor do I weave new dreams anymore.
The ones that were mine berated me each day,
I have no strength to face an encore.

Now I pick stones on my way,
to talk to if I should need company.
I don’t want dreams nor do I need you,
I’d rather be alone than lonely…

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