An Engineer’s Theory for a Happy Life!

The best things I learnt in engineering: ‘filters’ and ‘don’t care’. This priceless knowledge that I gained in 4 years of my degree has helped me in innumerable ways in my daily life.

For those who don’t know what these things are, allow me to explain.

“Filters are electronic circuits which perform signal processing functions, specifically to remove unwanted frequency components from the signal.” They can also enhance wanted ones but I’m not considering those kinds of filters for now.

“Karnaugh maps allow easy minimizations of functions whose truth tables include “don’t care” conditions; that is sets of inputs for which the designer doesn’t care what the output is.” The key words here are, “sets of inputs for which the designer doesn’t care what the output is.”

I can apply these little principles in my daily life to lead noise free day-to-day activities, because I’ve come to realise that this world is filled with some big time losers!

Picture this:

Newspapers reporting the Sania-Shoaib marriage fiasco: Don’t care!

Meet a quarter dozen people at work who have absolutely no character: Filter!

People trying to rub me the wrong way: Don’t care!

Overhear someone bitching about someone else: Filter!

Someone tells me what I should do: Don’t care!

Air around me is filled with shrieking shreks and staring baboons: Filter!

Lousy e-mails pouring in my inbox: Don’t care!

Someone doesn’t see sense even after we make sense stand naked in front of them: Filter!

Someone trying to get me to behave like them: Don’t care!

Cars honking and stationary traffic: Filter!

Don’t give me the accolade I know I deserve: Don’t care!

Step on my shoes when I let you in my life: Filter!

Do everything possible in my power and get no recognition: Don’t care!

Go on and on. Cry and cry. Incessantly keep talking about something: Filter!

Leave if you want to: Don’t care!

Try to mess with my mind by questioning my morals: Filter!

Judge me: Don’t care!

Show signs of trying to kill my enthusiasm: Filter!

Turn your back on me: Don’t care!

Equation for a happy life = ax + by + filter+ don’t care + C,

where, a and b are constants namely, family and close friends and C is whatever-constant-you wish-it-should-be! That’s why they say engineers rock!

5 thoughts on “An Engineer’s Theory for a Happy Life!

  1. Love it!

    “shrieking shreks and staring baboons”

    learn something new from you everyday: Imbibe!



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