The Week That Was

This week, in one word, has been draining. Draining. On Monday, the auto drivers were on strike, and I was rather happy. For the sole reason that there would be no traffic on the roads and commuting would be lesser of a pain in my back. (I have a back ache problem. And I'm not... Continue Reading →

Lounging Around

It's my second post in the "month of love" and it makes me wonder if I should be talking about love. And now, that this post has begun, I'll just digress from the first line. I just needed to break the ice between me and my dashboard's "New Post" tab. There's no intended, coherent reason for writing... Continue Reading →

The Get-Over-It Theory

Disclaimer: This is not going to sound like an optimist’s view. It may sound like a pessimist’s view. I’m not sure though! But, don’t read through thinking that it’s a goody goody theory of getting over something/someone. Also, this is not applicable for extreme setbacks like death/natural calamities. It’s just about getting over the everyday,... Continue Reading →

An Engineer’s Theory for a Happy Life!

The best things I learnt in engineering: ‘filters’ and ‘don’t care’. This priceless knowledge that I gained in 4 years of my degree has helped me in innumerable ways in my daily life. For those who don’t know what these things are, allow me to explain. “Filters are electronic circuits which perform signal processing functions, specifically to remove unwanted frequency... Continue Reading →

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