Only if you want it to…

I’ve always believed that every relationship in the world, be it any relationship, survives only because the two people involved in it want to make it last. And the biggest example of this is any friendship you nurture. Has it ever crossed your mind that friendships last more than any other relationship because we choose to make it last? Similarly, all other relationships in the world last because the two people want it to survive beyond their egos, disagreements, fights, misunderstandings and even hell or high water. And after a point of time such relationships, more often than not, come with a security attached to it. A security that tells each person involved that no matter what, we’re going to be together for as long as we live. How many of us have such a security about our relationships?

You may not have spoken to the other person for some time. You may disagree on the most crucial matters concerning your lives. You may go on about work and not be able to stay in touch. But you know the other person is going to be there for you. At the same time wherever that person may go they know you’re going to be there for them. That kind of a security comes with being together for really long and it doesn’t just fall from heaven. It has to be built over time. It has to be nurtured and it has to be invested in.

Any relationship is a lot of work. Most great relationships are immense work. We don’t realize that when we’re young. But, we invest in our relationships most of the time. We give the other person a part of ourselves and a place in our lives. That is an investment called belonging. We disagree with people and let them harbour a different opinion yet be together. That is an investment called tolerance. We remember them in our prayers and find time for them. That is an investment called love. We give them their space and not question their love for us. That is an investment called understanding. We let them go out in the world to make a mark and don’t let the dry spells affect the relationships. That is an investment called faith. And when you’re investing so much in something you’re bound to have a feeling of security. (Try investing in a Life Insurance Scheme.)

And that feeling of security is one of the most precious things in your relationship. Trading it for anything in the world would be sheer folly. But, after a point of time it becomes priceless and you know it’s not going anywhere. Unless you let it, because, even after an eon of being together, your relationship is going to last only because you want it to…

2 thoughts on “Only if you want it to…

  1. Given the circumstances any relationship will break. The point is how easily. The fragile ones break due to a single tiff, the stronger ones require a series of them but the dense ones are where people work it out. That doesn’t mean they are unbreakable, they just need a harder push.

    Also in line with this I believe that during the time apart from eachother its what people do that decides the fate of their relationship.


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