Slowly I tread upon the sand
And smell the salty breeze of the sea
It comforts me and holds me in
I’ve known the sea since I was three…

It has some visitors; from far and near
And I greet them all just the same
They want to know my darkest secrets
But I can only tell them my name…

They share my sand and I let them walk
They share a chunk of themselves too
I smile, I listen, and I care for them
But only until I can bid them adieu…

For how do I tell them, that the sea is mine?
It may take more than enough of me to share
It will care for them, and calm their fears
But I couldn’t let them make their houses there…

Not because I want it all to myself
But ‘cos a deep bond runs through both of us
It carves down deep in its bottomless beds
And it runs within me and the years that have passed…


2 thoughts on “Belonging…

  1. Hey…cool(maybe due to the sea breeze) poem…
    why do I sense multiple layers to this poetry…it is not as simple as it seems in the first read & tries to send out multiple messages to the reader…its structure somehow makes you think as to what is it really that you were thinking about while penning down this piece…


  2. Thanks 🙂
    It’s because from where I’m coming it is supposed to be complex. 😉
    What did you think I was talking about??


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