“If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman…”

Behold the pleasures of shared data! Shared music specially. And, we’ve laid our hands on the most extensive music collection at work. I’ve been listening to the most diverse music for 3 days now. I’d like to disperse the tunes I’ve come in contact with in a very brief period of time. Music doesn’t need time to seep through I guess. 😉

My Ashes by ‘Porcupine Tree’.
It has a haunting quality to it and some really good ‘simple’ lyrics.

Four Leaf Clover by ‘Winger’.
If you haven’t heard this, go go, go, hear it. Super awesome stuff!! Too bad can’t find a proper video right now. When I do, I’ll link it here… 🙂

Sentimental by ‘Porcupine Tree’ again!
The first ever song I heard by PT. Especially like the chorus. Can’t find a video for this one too… 😦

Miles Away by ‘Winger’ once again.
Kip Winger has a very nice voice. Somehow, I already love it. ‘Miles Away’ is one of those romantic numbers you want to croon when you’re wishing someone would be there with you…

Feelin’ Groovy by ‘Simon & Garfunkle’.
The name says it all. It’s so peppy and foot tapping. 🙂 Really nice.

The Boxer, Bridge over Troubled Waters, Sounds of Silence by ‘Simon & Garfunkle’.
In short, just listen to ‘Simon & Garfunkle’ if you like folk music.

Free Bird by ‘Lynard Skynard’.
The guitar in this song is KILLER!! KILLER!! Freaking awesome!

That Thing You Do by ‘The Wonders’.
Ok, I’ve heard this one before but, what the heck!!! I dance in my seat when I listen to it. (Yeah, I know people will think I’m mad. Must stop.)

Keep Movin’ by ‘Five’.
After God-knows-how-long, I heard this song. 🙂 Boy bands are nice too… not too much at this age though! 😛

Kryptonite by ‘3 Doors Down’
I like the vocals in the song. Really do. It’s a fast song. Fast is the word. My current favourite!

As of now this is all I’ve had time to listen to. Promise to be back with more… 🙂

P.S: I don’t have YouTube access at work, so a ‘Thank You’ to a friend who gave me these links. If they are wrong then you don’t know who to blame… ;-D

P.P.S: I checked the videos, now they are right!

One thought on ““If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman…”

  1. I absolutely LOVE the last 4 songs…
    and for some strange reason I dont recollect hearing Porcupine Tree or Winger… send me a non-youtube link and I’ll chk em out…


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