Z for Zenith

Standing atop the ladder of it all,
He had reached the zenith felt his soul.
Left alone was he at the peak,
Felt he, had nothing more in life to seek.

Somewhere along the way he had lost his zeal,
Deep within knew he had found absolutely nothing.
He had struggled hard to reach the top,
But had forgotten all those who had helped reach that spot.

Sat he lonely and sad with his heart filled with remorse,
As he recalled all those who had aided since he was born.
Had he forgotten them now that they were no longer in need?
Or had time made him rigid to not acknowledge all of their deed.

Deep down he knew what he had lost, along with its cause,
Knew he had fumbled & blundered in thinking he had achieved all.
Wanted he to understand all that life had more in its offering,
And to get to know off all that he had still to find for himself.

He had come to understand that the pinnacle in life is never achieved,
That all that he needs to continue to live his life is some more zeal,
That all the pain & sorrow in the world is there for life to teach,
So that he  can try & reach the zenith of his life along with people by his side.

– Written by Guest Writer: Nikhil Rao as a run-up to my 2nd Blogoversary.

Also by Nikhil: T for Truth

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