Oh yeah!

On November 14, 2011 when Sameen Borker announced that it was her blog anniversary- Blogoversary, I was really excited. Coman, I know what a blog means to a person! So, the Bermuda chaiangle team (Raka-Sameen-Calvin) quickly hurried to the chai tapri where some of the most crutial world changing discussions take place. And this time it was-Blogoversary ka concept kya?

After a lot of ‘How can you even say that Raka’, and ‘Calvin you are so super-cool’ (Sameen is going to deny the second part happened!) we decided on the topic…errr the concept…oh wait, it was the topic.

Disclaimer: I was kind of lost because the chai was really kickass that day. Sameen posted the final titles for the invitees of the Blogoversary. It was difficult choice, but with my bad English, but good writing skills I picked the topic…the emotion. So here it is—Oh yeah!

What are you looking for? That is the topic. For all the bhaiyon aur behno who went WHAT! Read on…

Now, I have promised my friend to send the post, picked a wacko title (publicity stunt) and already delayed the post by just half an hour (Sameen is going to deny the third part happened!) I continued to wonder—Am I in a fix now? When I first thought what these two silly words could mean? Well, here’s how I got the meaning.

  • I was getting into the train and a person volunteered to move an inch and give me some space with a smile. What did I do? Smiled back and thought to my self—Oh yeah! Achhai baki hai dost.
  • As I was walking on the street to work, a rickshaw fellow did not grumble to give me change, rather humbly asked me—Saabh chota hai aapkay pass. I said—Oh yeah!
  • Outlook mailbox read an e-mail from the client which had a very positive feedback for a sad course. I said—Oh yeah!

So, where do we go from here? Well, the ‘Oh Yeah!’ emotion though may not sound bright, but it’s all about feeling good. You may be in a situation where the surroundings may not favor you, but it’s all about looking at the bright side rather the brighter side. In the above example, we have a situation where Calvin is in a shit crowded train, the fans are not working, the people are grumbling, but that one-inch gesture (Keep your mind straight here!) got me to say—Oh Yeah! Instead of a Yeah Right!

Life is like leaving home and going for a voyage without a destination. The sea out there may look calm, but you never know when you may be put to a test. Ironically, you do not know the destination. Oh yeah! You do not! So, say your prayers, spread love and joy, and when you face testing times, just stop for a while, look above and say those words- ‘Oh yeah! Thank you.’ Trust me, you will find your destination.

P.S.: A lot of readers at this point may say—Yeah Right! But, trying giving a chance to—Oh Yeah!

– Written by Guest Writer, Calvin Pereira, as a run-up to this blog’s 3rd blogoversary.

Image Credits: Calvin Pereira

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