Insatiable Desires

All truth is either judgement or observation.


Some people are never happy with anything they have. They can’t find in themselves that satisfying feeling which tells them, “Oh yes, this is pretty good. I feel fine.” No, they don’t. There’s never enough. Not enough sugar in tea. Not enough talking over the phone. Not enough a goal to be achieved. Not enough love. Not enough texts. Not enough understanding. Not enough money in the bank. Not enough a ladder to reach the top. Not enough attention. Not enough miles travelled. Not enough space. Not enough rise of the baked bread. Not enough trophies on the shelf. Not enough bitterness in the coffee. Not enough appreciation. Not enough rain on the roof. Not enough of a man to be with. Not enough of a woman to take home. Not enough of water in the glass. Not enough of prayers to get by. Not enough of food to eat. Not enough of effort made. Not enough respite. Not enough that a picture is as it is. Not enough that the grass is green. Not enough of sunshine. Not enough of a God to blame. Not enough of themselves to watch in contemplation. Not enough of a life to live.

There is a difference between ambition and dissatisfaction. Just when will one find peace one never knows. Like Ghalib said,

“Ab to ghabra ke kehte hai ke mar jayenge,
Mar gaye par jee na laga to kidhar jayenge?”

In fear I say that I shall die,
But if peace be not in death, whither then?

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  1. Altruistically agree with your views here. I’d rather be content with what I have than despondent for what I don’t! Brilliantly expressed! Keep writing!


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