Somewhere to go to…

Long, long ago, when I didn’t even know what a sanctuary meant, I decided to make a house for myself. One that would have all those things that I love and all the material things I rightly owned. It was never a juvenile dream, nor was it a childhood fantasy. It has been a solid concrete plan in my head fixed firmly; just as firmly as my head on my shoulders. I’ve imagined it, and now that I earn (a pittance) there is nothing more important to me than making that house for myself. Not even matrimony. Not further education. Not anything. Nothing.

I look at that house as a part of my existence. The reason for me to keep going no matter how bad the traffic is, how broken my spirit is, and how consuming getting-up is. I know I’m going to get there someday. I know I’m not going to invite anyone in. I don’t care what people think, but no one’s invited. I know I’m going to stack up all the books I’ve been collecting (and buying for a year now) in a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf. I know I’m going to have lots of white with some blue around. I know I’m going to put up a softboard and pin all the cards I’ve received and collected in my life. I’m going to use a lot of glass. I know I’m going to keep it spacious and almost empty, so that I don’t feel bound. I know I’m going to give my blood and do whatever it takes to build that place.

I’m going to make that place and then go there every time I want to find some meaning to my life. Some reason for existing. Some place to belong. Some place that I know is going to be there when no one else is.

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  1. This isn’t just about realising a material dream. Whats important is what you dream it to be for you. A place that makes you feel like yourself. A place that gives you more reason to live. A place that’ll add more meaning to life. I say… doesn’t it already exist? Right there in you head? Making it just yours? What you need is to knock and step in every time it gets difficult to go on. Think about it. Maybe it’ll make life easier 🙂


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