There’s a greater force than all of us. Each one of us.

You’re just a small entity in a titanic system. You’re very well surrounded by everything thing that tries to propel you from where you are to somewhere above. They try, you let them, and they even possibly succeed. But sometimes, you’re just not above everything else. You’re just a small entity in the titanic system; and you’re helpless. In front of gang rapes, tides against you, detours, time and of course, death of close ones. Sometimes setbacks happen, they stop your starry journey skywards; your ascension above everything else. As much as you may not like it you’ve got to stop and wait. Wait and hope. Hope and trust. Trust and wait.

You have to wait for pink to turn into red and red into purple. The colour deepens, healing happens and then you pick yourself up. You get back onto the ride towards that journey to the sky, above everything else. Sometimes you get there and sometimes, you just become one with the greater force. The colour deepens irrespective. You’re going to rise above irrespective. Sometimes you’ll live to see it, and sometimes you won’t.

There is a greater force in all of us. Each one of us.

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