The Burden of Idealism

It was late at night and the sector had gone to sleep. The shops were closed and the only sound that punctuated my inchoate thoughts was that of typing on my keyboard. My friend was having trouble with a software. Both of us had been up with the lark and had worked through the day... Continue Reading →

All that was lost

Currently, I have a passive-aggressive relationship with Time. Whenever I think I'm going to catch up, it sneaks into a rabbit hole where I cannot go. So while I grapple with my ineffective time-management, I reminisce on the year that has been all while wishing for a red, apple-shaped alarm clock. Alas, Santa Claus has... Continue Reading →


I'm not sure when all of this became such a burden. Most people say that your heart knows where you need to go, where you need to be and with who you need to be. But what if your heart doesn't talk to you anymore? I get into a local train and feel suffocated more... Continue Reading →


There's a greater force than all of us. Each one of us. You're just a small entity in a titanic system. You're very well surrounded by everything thing that tries to propel you from where you are to somewhere above. They try, you let them, and they even possibly succeed. But sometimes, you're just not... Continue Reading →

The Boat in a Bowl

The weather is dry. An inconsiderate wind blows once in a while. The land lying below is stern and uninviting. It is also silent here. There isn't a sound, except that of echoing silences punctured by thoughts that come from far away. These sounds are intermittent. Spread like a bed sheet all around is a... Continue Reading →

Of Feeling and Thinking

Work is relaxed right now. We still haven't jumped into deep waters, and everyone is adrift with just enough to do and almost nothing to do. It's a scarily delicate balance. One prod here and we'll have our hands full. One nudge there and we can while away time just as we please! So, basically... Continue Reading →

A to Z

And this is the post where I write something that symbolizes the end of one year and the beginning of another; for my blog, that is. So, keeping in tandem with all the clichés I should be writing about… reminiscences maybe, or hope; laughter and gratitude even; or maybe an account of my escapades during... Continue Reading →

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