Recent Tidings

A couple of things have changed in the recent past. For starters, today I realised that my virtual interaction with people on the other side of the Internet has decreased. I have had many more face-to-face interactions and somehow I remember them more clearly in my head. I have also spoken more on the phone as opposed to texting. It’s true what they say about old-fashioned communication – it’s healthy. Also, I joined the gym and started running. I had no idea what to make of gymming, but I like it now, specially because it gives me that whole one hour to myself. I find myself oblivious to everything when I am pushing my stationary muscles so much so that it is a different sort of awakening. Just to add, by the fourth day I couldn’t walk at all and even climbing down steps was a huge task for me. One of those days my trainer made me do lunges, and I just couldn’t bring myself to, my body was aching all over. I trembled and jerked, when the trainer said to me, “You’re so light and you don’t even have control over your body.” (He’s a bit of a meanie. I think they put that in the Job Description.) What he said made me think. The operative word here being “control”, which is what I’m either trying to gain or trying to lose. Either way it is so difficult. I am cognizant of “taking control” of what I do with the hours in my day and “letting go” of what I can’t control. It’s a balancing act of huge proportions.

Today is Day 19 of 100 Happy Days. I am participating in this project and I have consistently posted one thing that made me happy all these preceding 18 days. What I like about 100 Happy Days is that I have to pay careful attention to my day to find something that makes me happy. It’s a conscious effort. I mean, yes, I can be flippant about it and say “sunset”, “chocolate”, or “smiles” but I don’t. I actually analyze how I feel and at the end of the day pick my most happy moment. When I find that I don’t have a happy moment, I create an opening in the day to be happy and then write about it. After 19 days, I think this is a fantastic exercise, and everyone must do it.

Recently, I received an email from a fellow blogger. It was a chain mail and the initiative was to send “inspiring” quotes to a person mentioned in that email. You’re also supposed to forward that mail so that someone can send quotes to the person who sent you the email. (In this case, fellow blogger.) I sent it out to some people I like and I hope fellow blogger has received some good stuff. In fact, even I received some good quotes from people I don’t even know. It’s warm to have an email from someone you don’t know which says something wonderful. It’s like receiving a fortune cookie in the mail. I love this idea. Thumbs up to whoever started it.

And finally, decluttering. I have been making conscious decisions of removing those people from my life who benefit me in no way. I don’t mean to be pampered. But, you know, those people who don’t bring positivity or worse, bring turmoil are safely said goodbye to. I am used to cleaning my drawers to remove negative energy all the time. I am now doing that with people. Because I’ve realised that my life is too short to put up with people who are not positive influences in my life or pseudo-friends who mock me in front of other people about the sensitive issues in my life or people who keep saying “Soon” but never turn up.

As of now, the tide seems to be changing. I don’t know where it will take me. But among all this, I am glad about the running. It’s been a long while.

Also, the day has been rather vanilla, so I am yet to post my happy moment. Hot chips are my choice of happiness today. It’s time to go get some.

1) You can join the 100 Happy Days event on Facebook. Click on the hyperlink in the post.
2) If you want to be a part of the Quote Collective mail chain, write to me, I shall send it to you.

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  1. Online conversations are never memorable. I could say the same for phone conversations too, but if they’re rare and fulfilling, then they are a source of relief! Meetings make memories, definitely.

    I have no control over my body either. I have never been told that, I just know it.
    Exercise is about working on that body control. So you wll gain it, don’t worry. Takes time.
    I do not have the motivation to exercise for now. One fine final day, I tell myself.

    100 happy days is really a good exercise, though sometimes it gets difficult.

    Run! I like to think of you as a runner! 😀

    (There are no hyperlinks on the blog yet.)


    1. Some online conversations are. I have been in some, but we tend to substitute them for reality.

      Yes, the whole “control” thing is what I am working towards.

      Yes, it gets difficult. Specially when I am batshit sad. But then, like I said, I go and do something to make me happy. Momentarily.

      🙂 Haha. Sure. I will.

      (Yes, there is in the post na. 2nd Para first line. No?)


  2. Darn good. Absolutely right you are! Online chats, Emails, Texts etc are never close to being comparable to real conversations. I’m glad you wrote this. It justifies my monthly routine to disconnect :-p


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