That’s What They Said

I have always maintained that people are fascinating. Of course, they’re tedious and messy too, but only the ones whom you don’t know. This post is about the things people in my life have said to me during conversations and for some reason or other they have stuck. Obviously, I will not leave their names in this post, and none of this is an attempt to infringe on their privacy. Move over book quotes, celebrity quotes, here’s a slice of how quotable regular people can be. (Yes, yes, put these lines on a picture and they would have arrived.)

“I wish you would understand my dear that it’s not about time, but it’s about a decision.”

“Is there a possibility that you’re putting yourself on a pedestal just to make life miserable for yourself?”

“He was a pig. You should get to know some real people.”

“So, what does the heart want?”

“Everyday he’d leave me to college. It wasn’t sweet. It was passive aggressive controlling.”

“Once an asshole, always an asshole. No matter how many times you clean it, it will always stink.”

“The day you meet the person you’re going to spend your life with, you will stop, turn around, and look at him. Not the DDLJ kinds, but the universe will make sure you two connect.”

“Dusre ki haveli dekh ke khud ka jhopda nahi jalate.

“Don’t listen. It’s a technique. Passive observing. Aggressive retrospecting.”

“If things have to end, the sooner they do, the better.”

“Don’t get married. Sex is overrated.”

“It’s not just lack of gratitude, but also an obese sense of entitlement.”

“You’re a lioness, you can’t love a rat. Find someone your own size.”

“Have weed with me.”

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