Sprinkled Sentiments #14

If you have been reading this blog for a long time and you don’t know what this is, well…umm…ahem! If you’ve newly stumbled here, this is my random list of 25 things that I write whenever I feel like it.

350. On my way back home, a recurring thought propped up in my mind – I have been going on and about these days with Rs.19.20 in my debit card, a food coupon worth 25 rupees, and no cash in my wallet. What if something were to happen to me?! Like meeting this handsome boy who I want to take to coffee to? So much for being an independent woman. Tch. Tch.

349. When I got off the bus, the guy in front of me shielded me from the oncoming motorcyclists. He peeked behind to see if I was alright and then let me be on my way. Good has to be let out into this world. There is need. (Reason: Go read the news.)

348. Lapping up copious amounts of the book When God was a Rabbit even while I fast. Something good there. Can’t remember the last time I read so much during Ramzan without feeling the strain.

347. Until yesterday, I used to think primrose was a colour from the fuchsia family. It’s yellow! Imagine. Yellow. Oh the horror at my ignorance. Here: 5 Color Words by Dictionary.com

346. For two years, I have been following the blog of a woman who writes fantastically well, but her writing is almost always unarguably sad. Not sure if she reads mine. Don’t want to leave comments telling her what to do with her life as many people do. But I wish she were stronger. She could possibly be a heroine for someone. In a parallel world, she could be Sylvia Plath. Sigh. The sinking sand that is self-pity, and life.

345. Between the last list and this one, I have found myself a second family. #Gratitude

344. Learnt a new thing about myself – I can fervently hate. Never knew this was possible. But it is. Surprise. Surprise.

343. The last time I wrote an SS list was in September. Again, Holy Mother of God!

342. I really had a dream about the moon submerged in the ocean. The hemisphere that was visible was gold and silver, and had small grey pockmarks. The waves weren’t unruly but active and they washed toward my feet. I watched it without awe as if it was the most normal thing that night. But it needed to be photographed. It did.

341. Who knew I would like working on MS Excel? Who fucking knew!

340. Two universes are about to collide. God bless my soul. That is, if He/She has the time from watching over everyone kill everyone else on the planet right now.

339. That reminds me of something else I have been thinking, wouldn’t it be cool if we had a Moses/Noah kind of miracle right now? Such fun! The world could do with one.

338. These days I find myself increasingly wondering if writing is worth pursuing or it needs to be abandoned. What if I am destined for other things that I have been cutting myself off from? What if I am really a psychic? Or an excellent fisher-woman? Or a fresco painter?

337. Who in their right mind puts peanuts in sabudana vada? Just who? Sacrilege.

336. “Day after day, day after day
Struck nor breath nor motion.
As idle as a painted ship
Upon a painted ocean.”
– The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

335. Did I ever mention that Cinderella Man is my favourite movie?

334. “Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she walks into mine.” – Casablanca
Read this in a book today. When we were watching Sleepless in Seattle which features this movie, Dad said it was very famous back then, and I should watch it when I can. Dad also borrowed The Great Gatsby from my bookshelf and read it. He also said I must read The Outsider by Camus, and then we shall discuss it. He’s so cool!

333. The ship has sailed.

332. The latest development on the gadget front is that I don’t like my phone. I refuse to use inferior technology while better exists outside. So, someone better had me buy that iPhone which I have been wanting ever since I have known. Yes, thus promoting the capitalist in me (which I never knew existed).

331. Somehow I have a feeling that I am forgetting to chronicle something about Turkey in here. However, it seems like an over advertised love affair of mine, so I shall shut up.

330. It’s night time, but for some reason the sky is ochre in colour. Yeah, sitting near the window and writing. 😀

329. In the spaces of time,
which fall through the gaps that
I create with my non-thinking,
I quietly creep into the past
to that place where I could catch the wind
as the sun settled on my bare shoulders
and look over my tanned body
to find you right beside me
sometimes smelling my neck,
sometimes sharing my silence.

328. There is something about not wearing enough clothes. Something unbounded. Too much hue and cry over clothes.

327. We’re doing 100 quotes from 100 books at Bookhad. Oh the audacity.

326. Everyone is fiction
Everyone is a story
Everyone is but a thought
Everyone is a dream that they have forgot
Everyone is chaos
Everyone is an abyss
Everyone is
Everyone is

*not entirely my own; written with someone else*

Sprinkled Sentiments #13

7 thoughts on “Sprinkled Sentiments #14

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  1. I wish I could write enough, to tell you that your words remain with me for long, after I’ve left your space, the blogs, the internet or the computer, for that matter.
    And oh, did I tell you the sea in the blog background gives me a lot to ponder and wish for?


    1. Oh yes, that background! Makes me think of days straight out of a book. Puts me at peace. Wish for something. Quick. 🙂


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