Letters from the Past!

Prologue: There are 3 ways in which you can read this post; One: if you are a poetry person just read the poem that is in italics. Two: if you are a prose person, ignore the poem read the paragraphs only. Three: read the whole post at a stretch. When in calm waters my ship sails I’ll... Continue Reading →

TIME-The way we captured it!

"...And in the darkest nightIf my memory serves me rightI'll never turn back timeforgetting you but not the time" -Whatsername 'Green Day' Billy Joe Armstrong once sang these beautiful lines and painted a sullen but beautiful picture. TIME! For me, TIME is someone that wears innumerable garbs. It sheds its make-up at will to expose... Continue Reading →


The universe gives humans everything that they should have. Though we might not see the gifts we receive for what they are, but over a period of time you do realise that it is exactly what you wanted. Today happens to be one of those times when I want to thank God for giving me... Continue Reading →

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